Arcade Berg

Senior Game Designer

My name is Arcade. I guess that alone tells a lot about me.

I’m a designer.

I’m currently acting Lead Game Designer at Epic Games Poland.

Prior titles include the latest instalment of the billion dollar franchise Gears of War and the award winning Bulletstorm.

Experience within various fields of Gameplay Design, Level Design, PR and management on different platforms and different scope makes me a versatile developer.

I’ve had hands on with numerous aspects of design and development incl. system design and gameplay, HCI, UI, weapon design concepts and balancing, enemy design, pacing, team management, planning, PR/marketing, events and outsource management.

I’m definitely a “gameplay first” kind of guy and I see myself keep focusing on driving quality and the user experience no matter where I am.

I’ve done things…

All aspects of full AAA production cycles
Established IP's and creating new ones
PC - Console - Mobile - Web
People and team management
Production planning and scheduling
Driving feature and/or system implementation
Media (& Community building)

I can do things…

UX Design
Team Management
Enemy Design
Weapon Design
System Design

2014 – Present
Senior Game Designer
MachineGames (Bethesda ZeniMax)

2010 – 2014
Game Designer
Epic Games Poland

2010 – 2012
Game Design Advisor
Hello There

2009 – 2012
Game Design Consultant
Outbreak Studios

2008 – 2010
Level Designer

2005 – 2008
Bachelor Degree:
Computer Game Development – Game Design

Did you know that…

I’ve worked at media and press events like E3, press days and tournaments.

I’ve done tons of interviews for TV, print, online and webshows.

I’ve been published in Game Developer Magazine. (“RED MEANS BOOM!”, March 2011)

I’m also featured on Gamasutra.

As a student my project “Gaiagony” was nominated for “Best Game Design Concept” in Swedish Game Awards, 2006.

At times I analyse game UI and decided to share good references on how things can be done. Hopefully it might be useful for you.

This site started out as a tool for me to help to collect my thoughts into more than random nonsense. Even though I haven’t posted in a very long time due to my commitment and agreement with my current employer, you can still read all of my previous Game Design posts here.

Some of my work below.

Gears of War Judgment

Acting Lead Game Designer.

Team management, planning, high and low level game design, story, UI, HCI, brand research, outsource management, tweaking and driving features from idea to full implementation. Responsible for game modes in DLC.


Game Designer & Community Manager

Executing hands on Game Design on nearly all aspects of the game. My primary focus was on User Interaction, the Skillshot System, Achievements and overall balance/pacing. I was also responsible for the design and implementation of Echoes Mode.

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